Tuesday 30 July 2013

Soap UI

SoapUI is a brilliant tool for testing web services.  It can be downloaded from http://www.soapui.org/.

Property Transfers

SoapUI allows testing individual calls to a service but also allows multiple requests to be put together to form test cases.  For example, a test case creating and deleting would require the id generated by the first request to be passed to the delete request.  Soap UI's mechanism for doing this is with a Property Transfer.

    Right Click on the Test Steps -> Add Step -> Property Transfer

The transfer is done using XPath by default.  An example of a property transfer is below using the xml




Here the property transfer is between the CreateResponse and the DeleteRequest.  In SoapUI this will look like,

    Source: Create      Property: Response
    declare namespace myns='http://www.me.com/example';

    Target: Delete      Property: Request
    declare namespace myns='http://www.me.com/example';

It is possible to include the whole <id>159</id> or to just transfer the value you can check the

    Transfer text content

Transfering a whole block of xml can be really powerful but the 'Transfer text content' does keep things simple and allows the transfer of the 'value' only.

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