Friday 27 September 2013

JD Eclipse Decompile

JD Eclipse is a brilliant java decompile which very usefully provides line numbers in the decompiled class file.  Unfortunately it is no longer supported or in the Eclipse MarketPlace. To get it running on eclipse copy the two jars


into the eclipse/plugins directory and restart Eclipse.

Once eclipse has restarted go to,

    Window - Preferences - General - Editors - File Associations

Click on 'Class' and then 'Add'.  There is a new option now available called 'Class File Editor'.  Add this and make it the default.  Do the same to the 'Class without Source'.

Once completed the JD-Eclipse class viewer will be used to open class files.

I'd be interested to know if there is anything else around that decompiles like JD Eclipse?  The ByteCode Visualiser in the MarketPlace is good but I want the actual code not the byte code.

After posting this I have found this site with instructions and updates.

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